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Original Animation:


Erin Fitzgerald  is most famous for her 10 years of work on Ed, Edd n’ Eddy as Nazz and May Kanker.  The Eds was one of Cartoon Network’s inaugural series and Erin is proud to have been a part of such  ground breaking animation.

Erin can be heard as the original voices on the Emmy Nominated series Monster High  as Abbey Bominable, Spectra Vondergeist, Rochelle Goyle, Scarah Scream, Wydowna Spider, Claire, Astranova and C.A. Cupid. 

C.A. Cupid  transferred to Ever After High, , and Erin plays Cupid there as well as Raven Queen, Gus Crumb, Mama Bear, Baby Bear, both Ugly Stepsisters and Miss Muffet. So that makes 3 Mattel shows that Erin plays in if you include her role of Shani on Polly Pocket as well.

Erin is also proud of her roles as Stubford, Denise and Patti  of the animated series Wild Grinders, which airs on Nicktoons. This series was created by the skateboarding legend, Rob Dyrdek and Erin plays close to 30 additional characters throughout the series as well.  She feels this show is her all time favorite job to beat.


Other animated series Erin has to her credit include The Jungle Bunch where she plays Batricia; Fat Dog Mendoza playing Piranha Mae Hoover for Cartoon Network UK, and Sabrina the Animated Series for Disney voicing over 60 characters.


Soon Erin will be announcing a new animated Children’s series that she has booked a lead role on.  She likens it to a mix of Sesame Street and School House Rock.  So yah,  she is suuuuuper excited to share this show with the world when the time comes.


Video Games:

Erin was truly blessed to play Yrel in the WoW: Warlords of Draenor expansion pack.  She was honored to get to play such an important female role and hopes it marks a shift towards more fantastic roles for women in this game series.

She lived out her dream of being in Adventure Time by booking The Slumber Princess in the game Adventure Time 3: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom.

Erin Fitzgerald is famous in the video game world for her portrayal of Parasoul in the multiple 2012 Best Fighting Game award nominated Skullgirls which was also nominated for Best Animation in the 2012 Annie Awards!!!  She couldn’t be happier for Lab Zero Games and the team of animators who worked so hard on this game!

Other Roles that Erin was proud to play included The lead role of Agnes Oblige in Square Enix’s Bravely Default, as well as  Bullet from BlazBlue Chronophantasm, and she shares the roles Junko Enoshima and Genocide Jack with Actress Amanda C. Miller  in  Dangan Ronpa series of games.

She is also Janna and Sona and DJ Sona in League of Legends, Rachel in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, Teepo in Tales of Xillia and the Sorceress in Dragon’s Crown (which is the game Erin is currently addicted to playing) and Raquna, the first official Canadian character in a Video game from Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millenium Girl where Erin finally got to use her natural accent without getting in trouble.

2012 titles Erin’s voice is in include Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning in which Erin played large and fun roles that really had no official names and  Silent Hill: Book of Memories where you can be Erin if you choose to play as the Female Jock then fight her as a couple of the Bosses.  She is also thrilled to play the role of Ana on Dungeons and Dragons Online  aaaaaannnnnddd……

Freakin’ EOWYN and Faronil in Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan which was a huge dream come true for her.

Erin took over the role of Chie Satonaka in the 2012 Best Fighting Game of the year winner  Persona4: Arena (voted by Spike TV’s VGA’s, IGN, Games Radar, Destructoid & Gametrailers) and the 2012 Best Handheld Game of the Year nomination Persona 4: Golden. With recent announcements of all the new P4 games coming out Erin is proud to reprise the role of Chie for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax & Persona Q.

Erin also played both Erica and Trisha the Midnight Venus in another ATLUS award winning game, Catherine.

She continues to have a strong fan base from for her roles in  Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, Fire Emblem Awakening, Dynasty Warriors 6 , 7 & 8, Tales of the Abyss, Saint’s row 1,2, & 3, Hyperdimension Neptunia games, Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward, Shin Megami Tensei IV, .hack GU, and Eternal Sonata.

A game she is incredibly proud to be a part of, is the epic release of 2013’s The Last of Us where she voiced many of the female infected at different stages of infection. Her work is mostly a part of the soundscape of the game but she was super excited to give it all she had.

There are still more exciting titles to announce but we all have to wait for the Official release dates.  Needless to say Erin is very busy in the video game world and loving every minute of it because Gamer Fans are the best Fans in the world.



Erin Fitzgerald can currently be heard in the Netflix Original series Knights of Sidonia as Mozuku Kunato and Operator B (sounds like a small role and yet Operator B had a TON of dialogue!!) She is also proud to play Françoise Arnoul in 009 Re:Cyborg. 

Other anime roles include Hanako Tanasha in the Zetman series and a cameo in K as Chiho Hyuga. Erin also got to play a few parts in Pokemon Origins that released 2013.  She also plays Kaito and Riki’s Mom in  B-Daman CrossFire that aired on the WB Vortexx.

She has also been quite fortunate to land multiple roles in the Popular series Bleach, which airs on Cartoon Network; she was cast as Franceska Mila Rose, Mizuho Asano, Shota Toyokawa, Katen Kyokotsu Tachi & Wazikashi, Sogyo no Kotowari A& B.


For the series Naruto Shippuden that aired on Disney XD,  Erin plays the beautiful bad girl Guren, the female leader of Orochimaru’s subordinates as well as Tokiwa. Erin also plays Atora Hanashima on the equally popular  anime series, Kekkaishi,  also airing on Cartoon Network.

Erin also got to play many guest roles in the new Re-dub of Sailor Moon & Sailor Moon Crystal as well…

She is so proud to also play CHIE in the  Persona 4 the animation Series. Happy Dance!

She is happy she was able to keep her role of Noire in  Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation! But sad Funimation didn’t ask if she would reprise her roles on the Dangan Ronpa anime.


She is incredibly grateful to all the people who tune in and support her games and programs. Big hugs to everyone!






For a less accurate resume list but a more popular source:


4 Responses to Work Bio

  1. Mark Johnson says:

    Love the website! Keep up the great work!

  2. Clarisa says:

    Abbey is my most favorite character in monster high she is so pretty, beautiful, funny and a lot like I am I just love her and I want all her dolls for Christmas abbey is awesome forever in my heart! Thank you soooooo much for bringing her to life and all the other cartoon characters you did! I can not believe you did spectra, abbey, Cupid, Rochelle, and a lot more they sound and look feel different it is so cool how you make each one so different.

    • adminerin says:

      Thank you so much sugar!! I’m grateful that you took the time to find me and tell me so! I love Abbey too! I hope you get all the Dolls you wish for!

  3. CandyApple says:

    Your work is incredible! You voice almost all of my favorite Monster High and Ever After High characters! I hope that I get to meet you one day! <3

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