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Look who got to spend time with the gorgeous Stacey Aswad and the hard core Chuck Duran on VO Buzz Weekly AND I LOVED IT!!!

For your viewing pleasure, if getting deeper into Voice Acting is an area of interest for you.



One Year Later

Wow.  I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in an entire year when I was so good at doing it monthly prior!! Thanks to all of you who have patiently waited for me to update on this site.  I run it myself so when I get busy… I just get super busy.  :)

tumblr_nc7b7tkaUJ1tfcje2o5_1280What a year it has been!  Getting to be Yrel in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. Watching The Talos Principle release and grow!  Getting to be the Slumber Princess in Adventure Time 3: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom!

I am also excited to announce that I play Françoise Arnoul in 009 Re:Cyborg.  

This year started with booking a main character in an animated children’s series that will be coming soon.  The day I walked into the first recording session it felt like I booked Sesame Street mashed with School House Rock.  Needless to say, I might be the show’s biggest fan.

But of all the adventures I have on the job, nothing is more fun than sitting down with a kindred spirit and having a wonderful chat!  I find it only fitting that a year later I post my second interview with Greg Miller. We talk about how Persona changed my life, the craft of acting, contemplation and the HU and more.  Enjoy!



Erin Go Bragh!!!

Bi9TRjLCUAA79raOne of the Happiest days I’ve experienced was going to San Fransisco on St. Patrick’s Day and visiting IGN for the Up at Noon show with Greg Miller @GameOverGreggy.  It was a gorgeous day.  I met so many amazing people who work over there! PLUS, I got to meet long time Uber Fan Marc Dichoco so that was awesome.   Thanks to everyone who came out to watch the taping, your support really means a lot to me.

The whole episode, which I recommend watching in full because it is fantastic, is at the bottom of this post!!!  Be sure to follow Up at Noon’s YouTube channel!  But if you don’t have a lot of time my interview begins around 15:53.

Greg Miller you are an AMAZING HOST!!! Up at Noon team you guys ROCK!!! I love how you included all the images of all the games I’m in, PLUS cartoon footage too!!!  Wow!

I’m happy to go back anytime to play with Y’all! Thanks again for showing this Canadian/Irish gal such a great time and posting the show on St. Patrick’s Day! xoxoxoxo

P.s. Thank you Taylor Hoyt for making it all happen!!! So good to meet you!



2014: Ready, Set, GO!

The year has started off at a wonderful pace.  I am excited for all the wonderful things I already know about and I’m excited for all the wonderful things I have no clue about.  2013 proved to be the best year of my career thus far.  I do not expect anything to top it but I am excited to continue doing what I love with people I love and hope to meet more new and wonderful folks this year on the job.

I look forward to going with the flow, keeping myself in the best health and working on as many projects that will have me.  I’m excited for the game releases of Bravely Default, Dangan Ronpa and Blazblue CP and to hear all of your thoughts of my work in them.  I am also excited for a few other titles to come out even though the parts I play were small, getting to work in those titles is HUGE! Woohooo!!!

Wild Grinders Season 2 airs in January 2014 on Nicktoons and I am dying to see the episodes.  They had us in tears recording them.  Such an amazingly talented team of writers on that show.  I feel we are incredibly lucky to have gotten a second season and I would ask that anyone reading this blog tune in for just one episode and give it a chance.  It is chock a block filled with pop culture references for classic cartoon lovers like me.  I think it’s a fun, silly and a real throwback cartoon to the shows I loved in the 80’s and 90’s.  The creator, Tracey Tubera, is such a fan of cartoons and he really brings it out in this series.

There will be lots more Monster High, Ever After High and Polly Pockets coming out this year for my Mattel fans out there.  YAY!  For overseas UK fans,  there is a live action series airing over there called Violetta where I dub the role of Jade.  I’ve really been enjoying playing her since she’s a real piece of work.  If you happen to catch an episode drop me a line!

GAMES, GAMES AND MORE GAMES!!!  So many video games, and so little time.  A ton of games I recorded are slated for release this year, plus I am recording even more now!  I am hoping that will continue through out 2014!  I love doing video games!!!  JRPG’s FTW!!!!

I was able to attend the Anime LA Con this year and took a bunch of pics with Cosplayers of a few of my characters that I ran into!  Dangan Ronpa was Rampant!!!  So blessed to get to share the roles of Junko Enoshima and Touka Fukawa with Amanda C Miller. I’m dying to see this game!

I haven’t been invited to any other cons this year but would love to be.  So, if you want me to come to a Con near you just ask them to invite me!!  I have all my booking info on my Appearances page.

Here are some of the pics I took with my phone taken at ALA more can be seen on my Facebook Fanpage.


2014-01-10 14.02.56-1

2014-01-10 13.57.22


2014-01-11 12.06.04-1 2014-01-11 12.15.09-1 2014-01-11 12.35.49 2014-01-11 12.36.11 2014-01-11 12.47.35 2014-01-11 13.12.01-1 2014-01-11 13.31.34-1 2014-01-11 14.54.56 2014-01-11 14.57.03 2014-01-11 14.57.25 2014-01-11 15.04.44 2014-01-11 15.22.24 2014-01-11 15.37.28 2014-01-11 16.36.22 2014-01-12 11.12.38 2014-01-12 11.24.01-1 2014-01-12 11.33.35-1 2014-01-12 12.07.49


Love vs. Anger GAME ON!

Erin Fitzgerald Mibu No OokamiThe never ending battle of being Human, for me, is this fight within of choosing Love over Anger.   I can only speak from my own experiences since I’m no expert, only another Human on this planet trying to be the best me I can be.   This constant battle is a 24/7 fight that is won moment to moment.  It’s the main reason why I sing HU.  Anything to help me choose Love over choosing Fear.

But somedays……

Let me be real.  I seemed to have finally surfaced from a world war XIII going on within myself for the last few months.  It all started with allowing myself to indulge in road rage.  Seemed harmless enough.  Sitting in my car, where no one can hear me, and yelling at other cars that refuse to do my bidding.  Yes, it’s indulgent and very self centered but I could see, very clearly, that everyone else in their cars were doing the same thing.  So why not me.

After years of peaceful driving, where I actually thought I had overcome my ‘anger’ issues, all it took was one impatient day of “Don’t you know that I need to be at work on time!!”  to end the calm that took me YEARS to develop.  I was yelling and screaming and facepalming til the cows came home and the scary part was once I started I couldn’t stop.

One day turned into a week, which turned into a couple months, which turned into impatience all the time, which turned into anger thrown everywhere I went including my work, relationships, and even my spiritual path.

Dang. A Spiral of doom into the pits of hell all within my own mind.

In spite of the fact I know that I know better.  The crazy thing is that I let anger in an inch and it took a mile.  Worst still, my ego put it’s foot in the door and said “Oh ho! If you’re letting her in then I’m comin’ in too!!!!” and that’s when I hit rock bottom.

I would go about a perfectly lovely day shitting all over it.  AND the worst part is I was aware of what I was doing the WHOLE time and still was unable to change my attitude about it.  AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

My man was so amazing and patient during this ugly process, while also calling me out on this nonsense which helped me force myself to check myself. Thank God for him.  Thank God for all my patient friends (Cindy Robinson, Steph Sheh) who listened while I whined about feeling all this anger and ego bullshit then quickly and curtly reminded me that this behaviour was NOT me and the sooner I just let it be (while cleaning up all the messes I was making as I go) the sooner I would be back to my natural positive energetic self.

Oh god I missed that me so much.

I was a grumpy, miserable, self centered blob of annoyingness.  I hid out at home as much as possible.  I put my best face on to go to work but I know the nastiness was oozing out of me.  I sang the HU constantly (or as Cindy puts it I spHUed it constantly), but the love I normally feel when I sing it seemed elusive. HUing through gritted teeth. However, experience has taught me to keep singing it through all the muck because it helps me to get through the muck as gracefully as humanly possible.

I made a lot of messes.  I yelled at people that I love, I spewed righteous indignation all over the internet, my vanity cried out for validation and acknowledgement and I hurt people I don’t even know.  So if you were one of these people I am very sorry. I’m still cleaning up the messes I made.

I am not sorry I experienced all of this though, because boy did I learn a lot about myself so it really has been a gift. Hopefully now that it seems to have lifted,  I will be more cautious of opening that pandora’s box as well as have greater compassion for anyone trapped in that spiral of doom.

I know it’s all about being Human. I know everyone has these experiences to one degree or another.  I realize this isn’t anything particularly special. The reason I’m writing it is because it helps me be accountable for my actions and it’s my truth in this moment.  What’s the point of writing a blog if I can’t keep it real.  I am grateful to say I feel much better.  I genuinely feel my energy, positivity and excitement for life back. YAYY!!!

BUT……. I have still caught myself several times this week faced with that simple little choice while sitting in traffic.  Erin, are you gonna let yourself become impatient  or are you gonna check yourself, sing the HU and listen to some relaxing music while surrendering to the fact I just may not get there at the time I had hoped.

So far I’ve chosen door number 2.  Hopefully this experience will stick with me a long time to remind me WHY I choose that door. If you took the time to read this, thank you.  I hope you got something out of it. If not, just move along nothing to see here.  :)

May the Blessings Be.

Oz and San Diego Comic Cons 2013

992793_10151742189697079_173821125_nThis summer has been freaking amazing! I can’t even put into words ALL of the adventures I’ve had and amazing people I have met! If you were one of them. Thank you so much!!!  I so appreciate meeting fans of the work I am a part of. You guys make my job more than being someone locked in a room playing make believe.  You finish the painting by watching, playing, and involving yourselves in the work.  What a gift!!

First off let me publicly thank Debi Derryberry for introducing me to the OZ Comic Con folks Carissa and Rand! What amazing loveballs who throw one heck of a shindig for a Con!  So impressive and not to mention loving and considerate!  Thank you guys! I really appreciate you.

So the most amazing thing that happened on the trip happened within the first hour of arrival while I was en route via car to the hotel from the airport.  I’m in the car having a lovely chat with the driver (whose name i have now forgotten due to waiting over a month to write this but who was just so amazing! He really said some deep insights that set the tone for my trip.  Thank You!) and out my window on a posters along a wall into town I see my old University friend Charles Ross!!!!!  He was one of my closest friends my last year of University and we even toured a show across the Northern States and Canada for the Fringe festival once.

HE WAS IN TO2013-07-03 11.26.54WN TO PERFORM HIS ONE MAN LORD OF THE RINGS!!!! He wasn’t even there for the Con! He just happened to have shows the same nights I was in Melbourne!  I LOVE the Universe!!!!

Charles is one of those Souls who the universe delivers into my life out of nowhere just to catch up!  Just because I love him so!  What a GIFT! I went and saw his show (which if you haven’t you must! it’s FREAKING GENIUS!!!) and we hung out and caught up. The last time I saw him was in LA when he was on the Tonight Show for his ONE MAN STAR WARS which I got to see in Arizona and was also FREAKIN’ GENIUS!!!  Needless to say I am one of his biggest fans. He tours the planets with his shows constantly so keep an eye out for a city near you.

970086_10151716006492859_1828039983_nFor the first few days I was dealing with the jetlag so mostly I walked around downtown Melbourne which actually felt a whole lot like I was in Vancouver. Wild. I got to hang out with my girl Debi Derryberry and her man Ty, which was so great.  I rarely get to do that. They were my quality time on the trip.  It was like travelling with family and make a wonderful couple.

I did go to an ‘intro nighRon Perlmant’ event where I got to see the other guests at the con.  Due to my not having cable there were many I did not recognize but it’s ok, they didn’t know who I was either.  I did find out a lot of them were Canadian so mostly we bonded about that.  Fun folks I saw and spoke to briefly were Cary Elwes, William Shatner, Tia Carrere and the person I fangirled over internally so much I could not speak to him only make eye contact and giggle like a fool when we were next to each other: Ron Perlman.  So silly, you never know who you will fangirl over until you meet them in person. I even had to take this picture in the Green Room of the con, pretending I was photographing Bill Farmer,  just cuz I didn’t have the balls to ask him for a photo directly.  As you can see he totally knew what I was doing. I got away with nothing! Even his stare from that distance stopped my heart and made me sweat.

2013-07-05 21.02.00Next, getting to meet Rob Paulsen, Bill Farmer and his wife Jennifer, & Rodger Bumpass and his sweetheart Barbara was soooooo much fun! More Loveballs!!! With a special shoutout to our handler Brent Kerr.  Just the nicest group of folks you’d ever want to meet.  They are the kind of folks you want in your life just because they are grounded, down to earth and just so kind hearted.  The fact that they voice such famous characters is really a side effect of their awesomeness already ingrained in their DNA.  I feel so lucky to have spent any time with them. What a gift!

2013-07-06 09.50.40The highlight of the Con for me was sitting in between Bill Farmer and Rob Paulsen for my first panel (hopefully I will get pics of this at some point) with the amazing Debi Derryberry and the comic genius of Rodger Bumpass.  So on one side Bill Farmer does his Foghorn Leghorn voice and out of nowhere from deep w2013-07-06 09.50.48ithin me I could feel the 4 yr old me surface and begin to rejoice with handclapping and laughter! It came right out of me totally unexpected and wouldn’t stop.  It felt like something I had totally forgotten about.  A joy that I had buried.  Thank you Bill for that.  Then at the end of the Panel (which I barely remember due to the overwhelmed sense of awe I was experiencing) Rob Paulsen performed live, RIGHT NEXT TO ME, The “Countries of the World” song.  YES HE DID! LIVE!!!! I couldn’t stop laughing, more so out of disbelief this was happening.  And it even brought tears to my eyes cause what a great finale to the first panel of the first day of the convention.

2 Spectras

There were TONS of Monster High fans there!  I was so excited to see all the cosplayers!  So many Spectras! What a GIFT!

and My GAMER2013-07-06 13.09.38S!!! You Represented!  I signed a ton of Chie swag!! I was so impressed at some of the other game stuff people brought to me that I had no idea had been popular in Australia.  I sat between Debi Derryberry and Rodger Bumpass during all the signings.  So I got to listen to Squidward and Jimmy Neutron talk to fans in those voices all day.  WHAT A GIFT!

I seriously had such an amazing time in Melbourne Australia! The fans were so amazing and fun!  I love that I got my own picture with Chie!! (which I need to scan and post still) You guys made me feel so loved and appreciated.

Funny sidenote:  There were a ton of cast members there representing Once Upon a Time (with whom I got to meet and chat with all of them lovely) and it made me feel like I was secretly a part of them because of Ever After High.  I didn’t say anything to them, but it felt cool that I did feel a connection because of it.  We will see how that unfolds.

*for more pics from this con check the bottom of this blog I will add images there as I receive them.

San Diego Comic Con

2013-07-18 15.05.51This year was no different from any other year at SDCC except it felt like I had less time to spend with friends than in the past.   I did see many of my Voice Artist compatriots but considering the amount who were there, really not as many as I might have thought.   It was fun to see Janet Varney who I originally met at Anime Matsuri, and give her love.  I also got to say Hi to Rob Paulsen who I met obviously at Oz Con barely a week before.  Such funny coincidences, that really aren’t coincidences.

This con, like last year, was dominated by Monster High for me.  I really love hanging out with the whole MH team at Comic Con.  They are so friendly and loving.  Really passionate about what they do and the fans.  I love seeing that genuine exchange of gratitude between Creators and Fans. It is seriously a beautiful thing.

signing wydownaI was blessed again this year with the Monster High exclusive doll being one of the characters I voice.  I think those odds are crazy and yet 2 years running a character I voice has been the exclusive.   What a Gift!  The only reason I have a Webarella doll is because the Executive Producer Audu Paden gave me his.  She was tough to acquire this year.  I did get manage to get a Scarah last year if you read my blog about that experience. I couldn’t even do that this year.

2013-07-18 19.51.19

2013-07-20 10.56.53I LOVED being on the MH panel again this year with one of my BFFs America Young and my new friend Jonquil Goode.  Evan Smith and Stephanie Sheh were also there but cuz they didn’t have enough room behind the tables they sat in the front row.  We need more seats on the panel!!! America and Jonquil  star in the new MH special coming out 13 Wishes! So be sure to pick up that DVD when it releases in the fall. They are amazing!!!


I did get to spend some quality time with an old friend (who isn’t that old) Julia Arem and a newer friend t2013-07-20 17.48.03hat I have been getting to know better Stephanie Sheh.  I know you are thinking, didn’t I already know her?  well yes.  But I don’t consider knowing someone from work really knowing them.  It’s the time you spend outside of work talking and sharing that really helps you to understand who a person is.  I must say what I have learned about Stephanie has made me feel like I should have done this ages ago! She is AMAZING!!  A real life dolly! Someone I look forward to spending more time with.

Julia and I got to s2013-07-20 16.27.03pend the day together walking the exhibition floor, going to lunch and finding new and amazing artists…. it’s kind of becoming our tradition.  One of my favorite traditions!  We had great fun at the Hyperactive Monkey booth where, if you follow me on social media, you know I spent most of my $$ buying all of their awesome swag!!!

Looking back from a month later the whole experience felt like a blur.  I saw so many humans. Gave and received so many hugs. Signed so many items.  OH!  HUGE SHOUTOUT to the amazing fan that stood through the epicly long Monster High line, got everyone’s autograph out of courtesy then when you got to me PULLED OUT ALL THE CHIE SWAG!!!!! What Whaaaaaat!!!!  You are AMAZING! and You seriously made my day and made me feel so special!  Thank you!  There were so many amazing family members of Monster High fans that also waited through that line to collect all of our autographs for someone you love.  So much love to you too!  What a GIFT!

OH CRAP!! I almost forgot the MOST AMAZING THING THAT HAPPENED!!!  Have I mentioned how much I love the Universe? I truly believe the Universe is constantly plotting for our ultimate good. And that Ultimate good is always about greater Love for us to give and receive.  So guess what it did?   Well, you remember how earlier in this blog how I ‘bumped’ into my old friend from university in Melbourne, Australia right? So the Universe decides it’s gonna top itself.

I’m at a party on Friday night for PCB and their amazing new Motion Graphic Comic Infex (which is seriously badass by the way, please check it out!!!) And I’m enjoying meeting with some old work friends. I’m having a giggly good time with Steve Jaros, who just cracks me up to the enth degree and I just adore! and he goes off to get us drinks (mine always a virgin).  So I’m sitting at this table behind cheese cloth that has been hung dramatically in front of all the booths and I’m people watching and enjoying myself, as I do.  I watch a guy walk in with 2 women, and think nothing of it.  He starts looking hard through the cheese cloth at me.  In the kind of way that makes me mutter to myself “who the hell is this guy? do i know him? I don’t remember him!”  He comes up to my booth sits right in and faces me quite closely asking “are you Erin Fitzgerald?” which for a split second seriously weirded me out, and I say cautiously “yeeessss??”  and he says “IT’S ME MICHAEL ADAMTHWAITE!!!!!”

Now let me back up here, cause I know you have no idea at this point what a dude named Michael Adamthwaite has to do with me. So lemme give you the backstory.   As a child being the daughter of a Naval Officer, we moved around A LOT!  My parents had 2 sets of best friends.  They kind of ended up over my life time being the only people we saw ‘regularly’ since they moved as often as we did and we would end up in the same city a bunch.  One of these couples were the Adamthwaites.  The Adamthwaites had 3 kids and Michael was the youngest. Little Mikey.

So When a huge Grown Man Head was in my face saying “IT’S ME MICHAEL ADAMTHWAITE” I literally grabbed that ginormous noggin and SCREAMED ” AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” followed by “You have a huge grown up head!!!!!” not to mention he was in a big ‘ol grown up body too!!! It was a super wild experience! Turns out, he had been working with PCB in Canada on some projects and they had invited him down not knowing anything about our family history! It was AMAZING! Thank you PCB for being the conduits of miracles! What an UNBELIEVABLE GIFT!!!

So that ends this blog really even though there were a myriad of amazing experiences I didn’t get into.  Meeting R2D2, Tim and his amazing daughters, Connecting with another old friend and hundreds more but I won’t take up more of your time. xoxo.

Thanks for reading about my adventures. I hope you are a part of them some day if you aren’t already.  As always I deeply appreciate all the Love and Support fans of Animation, Games and Anime bring to the party.

Feeling Grateful.

Baraka Bashad      May the Blessings Be.


Here are a few more pics from both Oz Con and San Diego Comic Con.  Enjoy!! I’m sorry I don’t have more, but friends tell me they will send me some soon.  I’m not an avid photographer since I prefer enjoying the moment without the camera.  But I didn’t do too bad! More to come….










2013-07-20 13.27.19

2013-07-06 11.41.19

2013-07-07 14.13.09

2013-07-18 19.51.442013-07-20 10.28.36


2013-07-20 10.28.52

2013-07-20 10.59.13

2013-07-20 11.51.14

2013-07-20 11.51.16

2013-07-20 11.51.55

2013-07-20 14.14.37

2013-07-20 10.48.45

2013-07-20 12.46.55

2013-07-20 17.51.39

2013-07-22 00.16.59

Are Bosoms in Video Games Offending You?

You may have seen my blogs on Tumblr about the ridiculousness of Large Breasts making a game “Sexist”.  Here they are again for the official release of Dragon’s Crown, where I  play the busty red headed Sorceress. Funny how the same issue came up in regards to the busty red headed Parasoul I played in Skullgirls.

Both women are 2 of the strongest female characters I have ever voiced. So give my blogs another read if you like. But don’t bother me with your nonsense about sexism until you understand it’s true definition.

Blog I posted when the uproar began about the Sorceresses Design

IMO. Pendulous breasts NEVER make a game sexist, a female character who is victimized, oppressed by men, or taken advantage of, or abused is sexist. If a woman is strong and powerful and has pendulous breasts well that’s just awesome AND most women in my family… You sayin the females in my family sexist just cuz we jiggle? Get over it!

Blog I posted on Tumblr about the flak Skullgirls got for being ‘Sexist’

I am the Voice actress who plays Parasoul in the game Skullgirls.  I consider myself very pro active in my participation in women’s rights.   I own the game and I play it regularly.  I don’t feel for one second that this game is sexist. Sexism is not defined by skimpy outfits. Sexism is defined by the dictionary as prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

This game is not doing any of these things.  unless you believe Skullgirls is creating the stereotype that ass kicking women have tremendously pendulous breasts.  In that case, every anime series can be accused of the same thing.

Not once do these characters have to use their sexuality to get ahead.  They don’t have to say demeaning things lowering their self worth.  They don’t even make sexual references in the dialogue.  They are not in need of men to handle their business. This is a kick ass fighting game using ALL FEMALE CHARACTERS people!

This means Payed work for female voice actors!!! Which made this VA feel empowered after the session!  I got to play a powerful and strong woman in CHARGE!  That is what matters to me.

What is sexist is all the first person shooter games that are made with hundreds of male characters and a pittance of female characters.  Where the female characters are always the same personality and barely get a story line unless its in regards to enhance some male characters story line.   When my male counterpart works 5 weeks on a game while I get 2 days.  That’s sexism…. and I am still grateful for my 2 days work.  That ain’t gonna change people.

Just my opinion

Here’s another perspective on breasts spoken Beautifully by Hollie McNish:


Erin Fitzgerald Photo Images 2013 Round 2

ErinFitzgerald Badass ErinFitzgerald fierce ErinFitzgerald Badassery ErinFitzgerald HOT Erin Fitzgerald Kung Fu Erin Fitzgerald Promo pic card

Erin Fitzgerald Photo Images 2013 Round 1

Sexy headshot Oh no you Diint headshot Headshot 2013 ErinFitzgerld-051913-499RTLow ErinFitzgerld-051913-464RTLow ErinFitzgerld-051913-162RTLow ErinFitzgerld-051913-197RTLow ErinFitzgerld-051913-181RTLow ErinFitzgerld-051913-205RTLow ErinFitzgerld-051913-373RTLow ErinFitzgerld-051913-111RTLow Dolly headshot Chie Head shot a couple of Bitches

Thank You Houston & Anime Matsuri!

I spent the last weekend in March at Deneice and John Leigh’s little convention *cough cough* Anime Matsuri! WOW! What a spectacular event!  They may have ruined me for all other cons with their amazing preparation, team of volunteers and masterful execution of an action packed con! Know that I joke when I say little because it was HUUUUGE!

Deneice and John are so amazing they (well Deneice did, she’s in the middle) picked me up in this (pay no attention to the giant sweat stain under my arm):



So without knowing it, I was on the same flight as one of the funniest women alive. A Miss Janet Varney whom you might know from a little cartoon knows as The Legend of Korra caauuuuuse she IS Korra!

We met in the airport in Houston and hit it right off! She and I had a leeeeettle fun in the Limo:

I immediately fell in love with her sassy sweet and honest disposition!  I had a blast hanging with this ray of sunshine on Friday and Saturday! If you got to her panel you know what I’m talking about.  She is HILARIOUS!  wait there’s a link…. Here watch her and enjoy, dunno if it translates as well on video, but live it was fantastic:  Janet Varney Video

E & J

Yah, I hope to see her again if the fates allow. But even if I don’t I feel so lucky to have gotten to spend the time I did.  I hope you all watch Korra and all the other comedy live action stuff she’s in! She’s fantastic! We roamed the con, bought stuff, ate and laughed a lot! I even got to go to her panel since mine was in the same room right afterwards!

There were so many people at this convention that I have heard of but never met in person.  Like Johnny Yong Bosch!  I was so disappointed we didn’t do a P4 panel together!  But let’s be real this King of ConsBGooLcYCIAAuFQ9 was a tad scheduled within an inch of his life! Not only was he there as a Power Ranger and VA but his band Eyeshine was performing all over the place!  They are terrific by the way!

Needless to say I DID get to at least meet him in person and have a few short and quick conversations.  I can honestly say I genuinely like him.  He had a great clear energy and I loved how he was with the fans. A real stand up guy. He was funny and silly and sweet.  I know millions of girls are jealous that i got this picture with him too!  But the BEST PART was on Saturday morning when I walked into the green room Johnny was holding his guitar and started singing “Good Morning Erin!” and did a whole song about wishing me a good day! His band even joined in!  Totally started my day with abundant amounts of love!  I heart him so much for that!

You can see more of Johnny and all his appearances here:  Johnny’s panels …. One day we will get to be on a panel together (hopefully with many P4 actors) that would be amazing! Somebody get on that!

BGuOAPQCMAEqab0On my panel which was also videotaped and put on the same page but at the bottom here: Erin & Kyle together   I decided to invite my friend Kyle Hebert to join me.  Why? Because what’s the point of being at a con and having all this time you can spend with co workers that you never get to see but not see them because Cons are too polite to book us on panels together.   FORGET THAT! I don’t need my own panel!  I prefer being with my co workers and sharing our stories and answers together!  That is creating memories that last forever to me.

So that’s what I did and I loved it!  Kyle is such a gentleman and is so laid back. I adore him.  Highlights of the Convention with Kyle included the improv show friday night but more importantly the hour we laid on the floor when his previous Dragonball Z evolution panel got cancelled due to tech difficulties. We just laid on the stage trying to rest up thinking we would never be able to do improv past midnight!  certainly not be funny.

BGsvra2CIAA4k1FLow and behold through the magic that was Mike Macfarland, Matt Mercer, Carli Mosier, Becky Young and Marisha Ray we managed to feed off their amazing energy and pull off one of the funniest improv shows I’ve ever done last minute with a cast I had never met.  It was fantastic! And I finally got to meet Mike, Carli and Becky! I had met Matt and Marisha playing paintball in LA so those were the folks I knew! If you were there that night thank you so much!

It was such a terrific crowd! I know that’s why things ended up being so funny!  I wish I could share more about what happened but it was a late night show and meant to stay at the Con.  Let me just say I got to know Carli Mosier very intimately VERY QUICKLY! LOLOL!

Since Janet had to leave Saturday Mike McFarland picked up cracking me up where Janet left off! If you have never met him in person you must! He is a Comic Genius!  I truly mean that.  His timing and abilities are mind blowing! A real comedy star. I was dying from laughter every time I was around him.  Thank you so much Mike! What a gift.

OH YAH!  I forgot to mention all the Chie’s!!!  There were 4 Chie’s that I saw! YAY!  Apparently a Parasoul also roamed the event but she didn’t have the time to come and meet me.  Bummer!  but here are my Chie pictures!












Note the hilarity of Pedo Bear behind the picture on the right!  Janet took the pic on the left and Kyle took the pic on the right! I am so honored that they chose Chie for their cosplay!  YOU GOTTA EAT MORE MEAT!


Parasoul and Egret

Saturday was fun with my panel, sadly it was just me this time, and meeting fans at the signing and photo op portion of the day.  I really got to meet many of you and spend some time talking.  That is one of my favorite parts.

Saturday night got awesome with the Anime Radio and I met Stephanie Young Brehm too!  Kyle Hebert is a panel idea genius and borrowed this idea from some other successful cast read thru panels but OURS were to 1940 original Batman comics!!! AND THEY WERE HILARIOUS!!!  Many of you know I perform in LA with a comedy troupe that performs classic 1940’s radio plays so this was right up my alley and it did not disappoint!  So much fun!

Saturday night got even MORE awesome when I went to watch Johnny Yong Bosch’s band Eyeshine perform AND Stephanie Young Brehm ALSO performed with her husband animator David Brehm!  They were Amazing!!!!  I have a pic of Johnny, see if you can make him out, my phone didn’t zoom.

I sat with Mike McFarland and other Anime Matsuri special guest Kelly Hu. Then we all hung out backstage for a while and talked and joked and tried to decide what we should do next.  We ended up going to the Hotel bar for drinks. (if you know me, you know i only had water). But here is a pretty good shot of us all backstage. A little fuzzy but we made the poor dude take a picture with each of our phones so only one shot at a time made it. In case you don’t know who is who. From left to right it is Johnny, Stephanie, her husband David, me, Mike McFarland and Kelly Hu. Backstage anime matsuri

We sat around chatting at the bar for a while but both Johnny and Mike had to leave for other engagements which left me, Steph and David and Kelly.  Poor David had to sit and listen as us girls started to gab it up talking about our Dogs and Life.  We had a great time.  Kelly thought it was neat I had her name tattooed on my arm, as did I, so she had a pic taken with her phone for posterity and it is now, hands down, the best picture ever taken of me ever.  So know if you meet me in real life i don’t really look like that.  Only through the Filter of HU do I shine that brightly!

If you want to know what the HU means to me just go to this page here:  HU Song

Erin Fitzgerald Voice Actor

Sunday I didn’t have aSanshee t shirtsny panels and my flight flew out late so I had time to walk the dealers floor and bought tons of swag from the Sanshee booth.  The ONLY booth selling stuff I worked on.  sidenote:  if you are a dealer going to a con, wouldn’t it make sense to stock up on items that the ‘guests’ are in.  People buy it all to get signed and the artists themselves will drop plenty of dough to by stuff with their characters on them.  But alas, it seems no one has figured out this logic and luckily for me Sanshee was there to take all of my money.

I even bought stuff for the other skullgirls.  Pins for everyone and a t-shirt for Cerebellum and Peacock, since they were the only ones with shirts… so far.  The Sanshee people assured me more are coming.  I also bought a Catherine shirt for me and 2 persona 4 shirts. YAY! oh and a Parasoul poster.

The rest of the time I spent talking to the amazing team of people who staffed the event. They were UHmazing.  The fella who was assigned to ‘handle’ me was David Phan and he did a terrific job of keeping me informed of all my duties, getting me to places on time, keeping me on track and watered and fed.  Thank you David and all the people who worked with David. Shams, Kendra, Albert, Jennie and Patrick were the ones who worked with me the most. I had an amazing time.  OH and I almost forgot to mention I kept bumping into The Lady Spade in the Greenroom!  Her and her adorable ladies always looked amazing and were just the sweetest girls ever!

Here’s David (such a sweetie having to put up with me!) with me right before I flew out.  You can see half of Kendra’s face on the left!  Thank you Anime Matsuri for being so professional and loving and so much fun! I hope to make it back one of these years! Until then if you want me to attend a con near you, email that con and give them this website as a way of contacting me. I would love to meet more of you and get more of your stories! I feel this might be the best part of my job.

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